Attractive Color Stock Posters 全新推出大型彩色海報

  • Stock poster left blank without pricing (below pricing for reference only)
  • Stock poster $25 minimum charge for any changes to the design.

Poster Sizes & Prices:


Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Party Tray SP 01
Party Tray SP 02
Party Tray SP 05
Party Tray SP 07
Party Tray SP 09
Party Tray SP 09A
Family Meal SP 19
Family Meal SP 19A
Family Meal SP 19C
Family Meal SP 19D
Family Meal SP 19H
Family Meal SP 19K
Buffet SP 14B
Buffet SP 14K
Chinese Food SP 12B
Photo Quality, Large Format Printing Poster Price
Poster Materials 18" x 24" 24" x 36" 36" x 48"
15% OFF when ordering 5 or more /
10% OFF when ordering 3–4
Smooth Vinyl $35 $55 $78
Window Cling (White Static) $38 $60 $98
See Through Vinyl (Adhesive) $45 $75 $118
Gloss Photo Paper $50 $85 $128
Window Poster (Opaqiue Adhesive) $55 $95 $148
Wall Decal (Adhesive) $60 $105 $168
Print on PVC Board (1 side) $68 $125 $188

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Chinese Food Posters

Family Meal SP 19G
Family Meal SP 19B
Family Meal SP 19F
Family Meal SP 19E
Chinese Food SP 12
Party Tray SP 03
Party Tray SP 04
Party Tray SP 06
Party Tray SP 08
Chinese Food SP 12A
Buffet SP 14
Buffet SP 14D
Buffet SP 14E
Buffet SP 14F
Buffet SP 14G
Hawaiian BBQ SP30
Hawaiian BBQ SP30A
Hawaiian BBQ SP30B
Hawaiian BBQ SP30C
Hawaiian BBQ SP30D
Combo SP 17B
Combo SP 17C
Combo SP 17D
Combo SP 17E
Combo SP 17F
Combo SP 17G
Combo SP 17H
Combo SP 17I
Combo SP 17J
Combo SP 17M
Combo SP 17P
Combo SP 17Q
Combo SP 17R
Combo SP 17T
Combo SP 17V
Chinese Food SP 15
Chinese Food SP 15A
Chinese Food SP 16
Chinese Food SP 16A
Combo SP 17L
Combo SP 17A
Combo SP 17W
Combo SP 17S
Chinese Food SP 10A
Chinese Food SP 10B
Chinese Food SP 11-1
Chinese Food SP 11-2
Chinese Food SP 11-3
Chinese Food SP 11-4
Chinese Food SP 11-5
Chinese Food SP 11-6

Beverages Posters

Fong's Printing
Drinks SP 40A
Fong's Printing
Drinks SP 41
Fong's Printing
Drinks SP 41A
Fong's Printing
Drinks SP 41B
Fong's Printing
Drinks SP 45E
Fong's Printing
Drinks SP 45F
Drinks SP 42B
Drinks SP 42D
Fong's Printing
Drinks SP 45
Drinks SP 45C
Drinks SP 45D
Drinks SP 46
Drinks SP 47A
Drinks SP 49

Vietnamese Food Posters

Vietnamese SP 70
Vietnamese SP 71
Vietnamese SP 72
Vietnamese SP 75A
Vietnamese SP 75B
Vietnamese SP 75C
Vietnamese SP 75D
Vietnamese SP 75E
Vietnamese SP 75F
Vietnamese SP 75G
Vietnamese SP 75H
Vietnamese SP 75J

Thai Food Posters

Thai SP 64A
Thai SP 64B
Thai SP 64C

Japanese Food Posters

Sushi SP 50
Sushi SP 51
Sushi SP 52
Sushi SP 53A
Sushi SP 54A
Sushi SP 54B
Sushi SP 55A
Sushi SP 56A
Sushi SP 53E
Sushi SP 55D
Sushi SP 55E
Sushi SP 58B
Sushi SP 58C
Sushi SP 58D