QR Code Linked Menu, Brochures & Business Cards

QR codes are everywhere and they are super versatile. You can link it to an online menu, link it to a brochure, print it on a business card, or make it into a poster.

QR Code linked to a Menu

Two QR Codes are included in a shop‑front window poster.
Customers can scan the QR codes to see either the Main Menu or Lunch Menu before entering the restaurant.

QR Code linked to a Brochure

With a QR code printed on a business card. Anybody can just scan the QR code and preview the company's brochure. Save money and time.

QR Code printed on a sticker and linked to a menu.

Place the QR code sticker on a table. Your customers can scan and download the menu. Save printing a large number of menus.

QR code linked to a menu

QR Code linked menu can replace traditional printed menu. When the menu prices are updated, it's pretty easy to update a digital menu.
No need to cover up the old prices with stickers.